Upcoming Events at the Brewpub

The Badly Bent Saturday March 31st  6 – 9 pm

The Badly Bent is a new version of an historic award winning bluegrass band from Durango, Colorado.   Band members include Fred Kosak – Vocals, Guitar, Cody Tinnin – Vocals, Bass, Mark Epstein – Vocals, Banjo, Dobro.

Trivia Night!  Wednesday April 4th,  6 – 8 pm

Robert Webster Friday April 6th

A finely strummed acoustic guitar thrums through the room, now realize it, presently performed before you by one man. Then the soar of a searing vocal starts; and what a vocal. A leonine roar slashed through with all the scars of a blues singer while sweetened with the melodic sensibility of only our best pop crooners. But it doesn’t matter now. No one can hear it. They’ve checked out. They’re all body and soul, dancing there in the arms of whatever partner they’re lucky enough to share this experience with. This moment of such beauty and sensuality you can touch it, smell it, breathe it. And this moment is the music of Robert Webster. To listen to Webster is to hear originals that, in their timelessness, strike you as strangely familiar, and covers that, in the originality of their arrangement, seemingly caress your ear for the first time…Again.
~ Peace Through Music ~

Stanley and the J’s  Saturday April 7th 6 – 9 pm

Sweetwater Station Saturday April 14th 6 – 9 pm

Buster’s Ghost  Friday April 20th  6 – 9 pm

Rigidly handsome, these boys are all about the skank (musical term for the up-beat). The horn powered, drum line styled, backbeat ska sound will force a smile on the face and a groove in the step. Since 2012 Buster’s Ghost has been Durango, Co’s premier reggae rhythm and punk-beat stylists, They are here to stay. Do no hesitate to meet the band after the show, or reach up and provoke the guitarist during.

Johhny Zapp Acoustic Duo Saturday April 21st  6 – 9 pm

We were blessed to have these two guys play here last autumn, and man was it a sweet show!

Gershom Brothers  Thursday April 26th  6 – 9 pm

We’ve got some musicians from the southlands passing through on a western tour.  I liked what I heard and you can check them out on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/TheGershomBrothers/

Firewise Fundraiser   Saturday April 28th

Living with Wildfire resource and education fair and fund-raiser will include educational booths, demonstrations, live dance bands, and live and silent auctions. The live auction with Larry Don Suckla will begin at 5:30 p.m. Items will include a chainsaw, days of flammable vegetation removal service, and other wildfire preparedness tools and resources. Meet contractors and bid on their services. (Payment method is cash or check only). The proceeds will support FireWise of Southwest Colorado.

Special guests include Smokey Bear and live dance bands Little Brother (1–3 p.m.) Carute Roma (3–5:30 p.m.) and the Afrobeatniks (6–9 p.m.). Food and beverages will be provided by the Mancos Brewery and the Blue Pepper food truck.

Pete Giuliani  Saturday May 5th  6 – 9 pm

“As a solo performer Pete’s instrumental and vocal skills bring his original songs to life, while his eclecticism leads listeners down many musical paths. During a typical performance, he’s likely to perform an original song along with a tune by Johnny Cash, John Mayer, Led Zeppelin, The Jackson 5, Green Day or Prince. Whether he’s playing an original instrumental or a unique interpretation of a cover tune, the connection to his audience is always there.”

Ry Warner  Wednesday May 9th  6 – 9 pm

The Aloha Club  Friday May 11th  6 – 9 pm

Terry Rickard   Saturday May 12th   6 – 9 pm

Terry grew up playing in rock bands around the Boston area before moving to southern California. In the 80’s and early 90’s he played all over Orange and L.A. counties as a solo guitarist-vocalist.  He now lives in southwest Colorado and plays at resorts, clubs and restaurants throughout the Four Corners area.
Terry’s musical roots are classic rock, but after living in Colorado for some time he can also do a full night of country music. He can also mix in some blues, reggae, contemporary rock and his own original compositions.

Saturday May 26th  IPA tasting fundraiser for Mancos Trails Group

Music provided by:

Stillhouse Junkies    and Michael Batdorf

StillHouse Junkies…. Fred Kosak, Jeff Hibsman, Bruce Allsopp, Alissa Wolf. Their paths happened to cross in Durango Colorado during the winter of ‘17. After months of being addicted to playing Fridays at Durango Craft Spirits, a local distillery, a name emerged… a festival was booked… and another talented acoustic string band was turned loose. They are multi-instrumentalists, singers, songwriters, and seasoned musicians who have turned their formidable skills toward the deep wells and traditions of roots, rock, blues, funk, jazz, country and bluegrass. Sometimes they blend, sometimes they bend, sometimes they play it straight and true. But it’s always direct with deep respect to the heart of the song. With soulful singing, precision picking and plenty of improvisation, every performance is fresh. With mountains of energy they can wind it up and turn it loose or wind it down to the quiet of the between notes where emotion lives. They know that music is the best medicine. So get addicted. It’ll cure you. It’s delicious. It’s delirious. Don’t miss StillHouse Junkies!


Beth Lee and The Breakups  Sunday  May 27th

Anniversary Party — New location, new reason to celebrate — June 8th

Roma Ransom Thursday June 14th, 6 – 9 pm

Great music should do three things- connect you to the past, inspire you to envision the future, and find you wholly in the present moment. Roma Ransom does all three. Their repetoire includes old-time traditional ballads like Shady Grove and St.James Infirmary as well as sounds from European cultures, mainly that of Romania (hence the duo’s name) yet the music of Roma Ransom is distinctly their own. The sultry sweetness of Grace Easley on vocals paired with the couples’ vast instrumental array combine to form a style that can fit the mood for any setting. The couple was trained classically from an early age, (Grace on violin/viola, Gordon on guitar) making them an excellent choice for weddings and banquets in addition to their usual venues, namely restaurants, coffee shops and pubs.

Charlie Milo Trio  coming August 18th for 4th Annual Mancos Valley Summer Brewfest.  Playing the after party at Mancos Brewery!

Yeah these guys are rowdy, funny and talented.  Never say no to this group with a lead badass bass, an amazing keyboardist and rocking drums.  Funky and Fantastic!

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