The Robin Davis Duo

So Who's Playin'? The Robin Davis Duo

Image of The Robin Davis Duo
What time? March 29th, 2019 06:00 PM

Take some time to visit their website and listen to their songs, and you will be as excited as we are to see these two play!

“I like that,” Robin Davis said after tuning his guitar to Drop-D. It was a sound slightly unique in the bluegrass scene, but more than that, it seemed to suit the lower register of his voice like peanut butter loves making sandwiches with honey. His bass player, Jimi Davis, didn’t mind. Though she couldn’t rely on reading Robin’s hands to quickly find the chord changes like she was used to, she adapted to the tunes they played around Southwest Colorado. Since living in Pagosa Springs, the Duo added more offbeat originals inspired by psychedelic shred metal and old time fiddle tunes.

“I like to play my guitar like a fiddler plays their fiddle,” he said. No doubt his time in Six Dollar String Band brings inspiration to his repertoire. Davis, a previous resident of Durango, adds an ever-changing variable to the local bluegrass equation. Hear The Robin Davis Duo reminisce about a space car on Prom Night and describe how “things look better when they’re kind of dirty.”

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