Kicked to the Curb Duo

So Who's Playin'? Pat Travis and Roger Falter

Image of Pat Travis and Roger Falter
What time? August 16th, 2019 06:00 PM

“Music that pleases the heart and tugs at the soul”

“Armed with only ‘4-hands-on-strings’, some passionate vocal cords and lots of inspiration, Kicked To The Curb has casually but clearly defied any preconceptions based on their lineup, delighting audiences of all walks with a sound that suspends classic elements in fresh new surroundings…”

We are pleased to welcome one of the hardest working bands on the Colorado Music scene today.  Kicked To The Curb consists of Pat Travis (Synth-Guitar, vocals) and Roger Falter (Mandolin, vocals).  They have decided to come down to our corner of the state for a weekend of playing out and jamming with neighborhood musicians.

People Say… “Kindred Spirits whose musical journeys have had both parallel and divergent paths, Kicked To The Curb’s lineup has a keen desire to take the musical map and turn it on its head… merging soulful blues, bouncy acoustic, world-beats, and harddriving rock with funky groove sensibilities and a positive energy that tugs audiences like a magnet…”

Check them out here!

$ 5 suggested donation for the evening of music