Fundraiser for Mancos Trails Group

So Who's Playin'? The Stillhouse Junkies

Image of The Stillhouse Junkies
What time? May 26th, 2018 06:00 PM

Music provided by: Stillhouse Junkies and Michael Batdorf

StillHouse Junkies…. Fred Kosak, Jeff Hibsman, Bruce Allsopp, Alissa Wolf. Their paths happened to cross in Durango Colorado during the winter of ‘17. After months of being addicted to playing Fridays at Durango Craft Spirits, a local distillery, a name emerged… a festival was booked… and another talented acoustic string band was turned loose. They are multi-instrumentalists, singers, songwriters, and seasoned musicians who have turned their formidable skills toward the deep wells and traditions of roots, rock, blues, funk, jazz, country and bluegrass. Sometimes they blend, sometimes they bend, sometimes they play it straight and true. But it’s always direct with deep respect to the heart of the song. With soulful singing, precision picking and plenty of improvisation, every performance is fresh. With mountains of energy they can wind it up and turn it loose or wind it down to the quiet of the between notes where emotion lives. They know that music is the best medicine. So get addicted. It’ll cure you. It’s delicious. It’s delirious. Don’t miss StillHouse Junkies!