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Mancos Gold lite ale   Lite, crisp and amazingly drinkable.  A brilliant golden beer engineered to refresh those who seek the riches of the Mancos Valley.  4% abv

Dizzy Blonde pale ale  The aroma and flavor of citrus hops give way to a crisp clean malty finish with no lingering hop bitterness.  Brewed to be enjoyed on all occasions.  6% abv

Extra Dizzy  Our amped up version of the Dizzy Blonde features an Australian dry hop addition which adds a tropical kick to the citrusy flavor and aroma of The Dizzy.  A slightly increased hop bitterness is present without burying the creamy malt backbone of this seductively easy to drink ale.  Getcha where you wanna go a little quicker at 8% abv

Pagan porter   Dark & smooth with a hint of chocolate.  Cold fermented for a clean finish.  Enjoy anytime you want to reconnect with the planet.  5.5% abv

Mancos sh’Ale dark ale   Fermented with oak, this bold dark beer has generous hop character balanced with malty flavor.  Crafted for those who follow their passion. 4.75% abv

Desert Drifter Pale Ale.   English style I.P.A. built around 3 layers of rye (crystal, flaked & malted) with generous amounts of west coast hops.  A beer that understands those wo shoot from the hip.  6.5% abv

Cliff Dweller red ale   European malt flavor balanced with a light domestic hop bitterness and aroma.  Cold fermented with saison yeast yielding pleasant fruity esters.  A beer to be enjoyed generously at 4.5% abv


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